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women's Day Women's special happiness
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Date: 2018-03-08
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Author: 佚名
The international women's Day is coming. In order to reflect the special care for the women and enrich their cultural life outside their work,JFUJI elevator continues to give benefits to all the women and family members of the company. Send happiness


Blooming scenery in the Gao Ming mingcheng city of tulip garden

The welfare of this year is to travel to the Gao Ming Mingcheng city of tulip garden  . Dozens of female workers and their families play half day in the world of Huahai. It not only enriches the amateur life of women workers, but also relieves the pressure of busy and busy work at ordinary times.


All the flower scent can be smelled through the screen

parent-child interaction


Today you are the protagonist


A big picture of the flower sea

More importantly, it promoted the friendship between the colleagues, and the women workers fully felt the joy and happiness brought to them by the company and the festival, and encouraged people to create new achievements with more full enthusiasm and the best working condition.

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